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Maurivin AWRI350 (Cider & Wine) 11g



Maurivin AWRI350 (Cider & Wine)
Maurivin AWRI 350 produces high levels of fruity esters in cider (or wine). It accentuates fruit aromas and overall aromatic complexity in cider (or wine). It also brings out subtle spicy and woody notes and a rich and full palate.
This strain is sensitive to low temperatures thus fermentation can be easily stopped with cooling to achieve desired residual sugar levels.
Fermentation range : 18-25°C (66-77°F)
Recommended temperature : 18-20°C (66-68°F)
Fermentation rate : Fast
Flocculation / Sedimentation : Fast and high
Alcohol tolerance : High (13%)
Recommended dosage : 11g/20-30L ; f
ermentation for 2-3 days, slightly sweet(Demi-Sec). After the fourth day, the sweetness will be significantly reduced(Brut).
Different brewing types(20-30L):
Dry Sparkling wine/Cider- 11g
Sweet Sparkling wine/Cider- 5g
Red/White wine- 3-5g

* This yeast above 20°C, fermentation rate will very fast. Although it can withstand 30°C, we're not recommended to be below 15°C.

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